General Information

  • Product Name: Titanium Bar
  • Grade: Ti 6246
  • Condition: A
  • Dimensions(mm): φ26*2000-3000
  • Standard: AMS 4981
  • Fields: Petrochemical, aerospace, military
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Product Description

The nominal composition of Ti 6246 titanium alloy is Ti-6Al-2Sn-4Zr-6Mo, a martensitic α+β heat strength titanium alloy, which is developed on the basis of Ti-6242 titanium alloy, and can be strengthened by heat treatment (Yixin has two kinds of products, Ti-6242 in the next product introduction). The alloy maintains the high temperature creep strength of Ti-6242 alloy and has higher room temperature and high temperature tensile strength.

The long-term operating temperature of the alloy can reach 400℃, and the short-time and large-load operating temperature can reach 540℃.


(Creep strength refers to the maximum allowable stress of a material at a certain temperature, after a certain time, when the creep variable does not exceed a certain limit. Long-term creep strength is the most basic and important material characteristic for high-temperature structural parts used for a long time, such as power generation equipment.

Yixin  is committed to providing good quality and high quality Ti 6246 titanium bars for the above mentioned application fields, to provide customers with satisfactory products.

Chemical Composition

Location Ti Sn Zr Al Mo Fe O C N H Others
Each Total
Standard 1.75-2.25 3.5-4.5 5.5-6.5 5.5-6.5 ≤0.15 ≤0.15 ≤0.04 ≤0.04 ≤0.015 ≤0.1 ≤0.4
Top Remainder 1.97 3.77 6.19 6.10 0.108 0.140 0.012 0.007 0.0006 ≤0.1 ≤0.4
Bottom Remainder 2.05 4.03 6.48 6.35 0.113 0.138 0.007 0.007 0.0006 ≤0.1 ≤0.4


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Ti 6246 Titanium Bar Tensile Test

Tensile Test Condition Tensile Strength(MPa) Yield Strength(MPa)




of Area(%)



Micro Structure Inspection
A Standard ≥1100 ≥1050 ≥10 ≥20 / OK
L 1232 1118 20 54 /