In all fields of engineering, but nowhere more than in marine and offshore service, designers, fabricators and end users are readier than ever before to consider titanium for a continually widening range of applications.

  The number and variety of applications of titanium and titanium alloys offshore continues to increase. From no more than a few hundreds of kilos in chlorination systems and heat exchangers twenty years ago, total consumption now approaches three thousand tons, principally as sea water and process fluid management systems and heat exchangers. These major applications are complemented by a wide range of miscellaneous duties, many critical to platform operation and safety.

  Offshore engineers concerned at continuing failures of stainless steel and copper based alloys designated for sea water use have increasingly turned to titanium. Titanium is available at competitive and stable prices and there has been supporting growth of fabrication industry experience and capability to supply a wide range of titanium products, particularly pipes and fittings and systems required by the marine and offshore industries. A mature body of titanium fabricators has long existed in the EC Countries, serving the European chemical, petrochemical and power plant as well as the growing offshore applications market. Since 1990 some fifteen Norwegian fabricators have developed the ability to supply titanium, taking only a relatively short time to become skilled in all aspects of machining, bending, and welding. he development of cold bending of thin wall titanium pipework has provided a breakthrough in the overall competitiveness of titanium systems.

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