In order to stimulate work enthusiasm, enhance corporate cohesion, effectively safeguard the physical and mental health of employees, and provide a “health protection umbrella” for employees, the company organized a 2023 health examination event on July 1, 2023.
The third hospital’s physical examination vehicle went directly to our company’s location Conduct occupational health examinations and annual physical examinations.

In order to carry out this physical examination, the company’s administrative office also made careful preparations, strengthened coordination and communication with the physical examination center, carefully inspected the physical examination items, and reasonably arranged the physical examination time, which provided guarantee for the physical examination activities.

The physical examination included more than ten items including internal medicine, electrocardiogram, ultrasound examination, liver and kidney function, etc. All employees were examined item by item under the guidance of the administrative office staff, and asked relevant health questions from time to time. The doctors gave corresponding answers and suggestions. The hospital thoughtfully prepared breakfast for us. After the examination, we were able to pick up our meals on an empty stomach. Colleagues who came for physical examinations provided good logistical support.

The company organizes physical examinations as a deep concern for its employees. Through physical examinations, it can achieve the purpose of “early diagnosis, early prevention, and early treatment”, allowing employees to devote themselves to various tasks with a healthy body. It also reflects the company’s people-oriented management. The concept has been recognized and praised by the majority of employees.