In order to further improve the health care awareness of corporate employees and provide considerate medical services to the majority of employees, the District Health Bureau and the Bureau of Industry, Information and Commerce jointly launched Maying Hospital to carry out a free health clinic with the theme of “Hundred Doctors Entering Hundreds of Enterprises to Protect Health”. On April 27, the free health clinic team came to our company (Baoji Yixin Titanium and Zirconium Metal Co., Ltd.) to carry out first aid knowledge training and free clinic activities. They popularized health knowledge to company employees and received health consultations. They were welcomed and praised by the majority of employees.

Before the start of the free clinic, cardiopulmonary resuscitation training was conducted. The medical staff of Maying Hospital explained in detail the importance of mastering first aid skills, first aid procedures, etc., and used vivid pictures to explain on-site how to judge consciousness, judge breathing, remove foreign objects, and perform manual cardiopulmonary resuscitation. Essentials of positioning, body position, compression gestures, depth, frequency and artificial respiration. It further popularized first aid knowledge and improved everyone’s emergency first aid capabilities.

Small service, big energy. Our company actively responded to this free clinic event and delivered high-quality, efficient and convenient medical services to company employees, which enhanced employees’ health awareness and improved their health literacy, which was unanimously praised by everyone.